Listed below are the top 5 puppet horror films of all time. These films can take the hell out of a person, and their very names can give you cold feet. Do you have your own list of the best horror films ever? Then read this list and check if it matches!

Puppet Horror Films


Poltergeist features a scary clown doll that abducts the family’s younger daughter. The movie was released in the year 1982. Though there are a lot of films that have called themselves to be really scary all these years, Poltergeist, which released almost 30 years back, still holds a position for itself in the list of the most horror films ever.  It has been recognized as a cult classic as far as the horror genre is concerned.  There are two more films in the same franchise, Poltergeist II: The Other Side and Poltergeist III that released in the years 1986 and 1988 respectively. One of the movies was also remade in the year 2015. However, it didn’t have the impact that Poltergeist I has on people even today.

Dead Silence

Dead Silence is a supernatural psychological horror film that came in 2007. The story begins with a mysterious gift that arrives at the door step. The family opens the gift only to find a ventriloquist doll named Billy. The story is about how the lead crew in the film get over this mysterious doll or did they even get over? The movie was a hardcore horror flick that the very image of the doll Billy can scare people to death. Of course, you do not want to scream because the hoarding says, “You scream, you die.”


Annabelle is a supernatural horror film that was released in the year 2014. The movie was released as a prequel to the 2013’s best horror film ‘The Conjuring.’ The news of the movie ‘Annabelle’ created quite a stir in the hearts of the movie-lovers. After the release, the movie went on to surpass all expectations and became a success at the box office. Now the lovers of the conjuring series are celebrating the release of the 2014 movie’s prequel Annabelle: Creation which hit the screens in the year 2017.

The Child’s Play

The Child’s Play is an American supernatural slasher film that was released in the year 1988. The film grossed more than $44 Million and gained a cult status. The story is about the soul of a wanted fugitive that enters into a doll to avenge the detective who killed him. The doll is named Chucky and is bought by a woman for her six-year-old son, Andy. Andy is framed for the crimes of Chucky. So how the little boy escapes, forms the rest of the story.

Tourist trap

This supernatural horror film, Tourist Trap was released in the year 1979. It is a story of a young group of friends who get caught into a museum. Little did they know that the owner of the place had powers to control his collection of mannequins, they soon started facing supernatural events and realized that they are stuck in the museum for ever. The movie takes eerie twists and turns and finally gets a peaceful ending, when the villainous mannequin, Mr. Slausen is brought down to pieces. Though the film wasn’t a blockbuster when it released, later it gained a lot of positive reviews from both viewers and critics.