All of us love puppets. Puppets shows have gained the love and interest of almost all the people in the world as that requires special expertise and skills to stage the show rightly. But puppet is quite an old concept and is it being staged with the same authenticity even today? This is one question that most of us have. Quite contrary to what we think, puppet shows are staged across the globe, and people do throng to see them. So here are the top 5 best places to see puppet shows.



This is not something that you expected, but Bali takes the first place when it comes to puppets. Puppets for some reason looks like a concept that belongs to the east, and that is why probably, the shadow puppets in Bali are based on the Hindu religion dramas and events. Of course, shadow puppets in Bali are also based on various other concepts, but this one is quite famous.


England is one of the oldest places that are well-known for the puppet shows that they run. In fact, many of the puppet shows that they have put up on the stage have then gotten into TV shows. Now you know the quality of puppets shows that are staged here. Among them, ‘Punch and Judy’ is one of the best puppet shows that take place in London.


In case if you ever get a chance to visit Vermont, then we consider you the luckiest person on planet earth. This is because the puppets shows in Vermont are known internationally, and a lot of people eagerly wait for a chance to see it. Gigantic puppets perform here, and people are spellbound by the kind of performances that they see here. Bread and Puppet is the renowned name in the whole of Vermont.

Los Angeles:

Los Angeles is known for the Marionette theatres that are run there, and that is one of the major reasons why people love to visit Los Angeles. Among them, the Bob Baker Marionette Theatre is the best of them all and is one of the oldest puppet theatres in the world. Though the theatre is filled with a lot of bizarre taste for how the play is designed, it is still one of the best play with a great sense of humour.


Rome, the rocking city of Italy, is one of the best places to be for the puppet shows that are being staged.  One of the best theatres to be in if you are looking forward to seeing the best show in Italy then it is definitely Italian Puppet Theatre that is in Rome. Though they look a bit out of fashion, they have the strong story back up and create values.