Children get very excited when they see puppets. They get so thrilled and listen to every work the puppets say. Children love puppets for various reasons. Small babies develop their visual systems, toddlers develop their language centres, and little children will learn about controlling their emotions. Choosing bright coloured puppets will grab their attention, and they will be able to respond to the puppet.

The following are some of the ways you can use puppets to engage your children:

Make it feel like puppets are their friends:

Children sometimes get anxious to interact with new things, and when you introduce a puppet as a friend, it will allow them to be more comfortable with the puppet. When you tell them that the puppet is their friend they will find a sense of purpose to things it says and does. When your child gets comfortable around the puppet, you can use that to teach life lessons to your children. You can explain how the thing is done, and you can teach them about teamwork, you can even convince them to do the things they normally wouldn’t do.

Try using finger puppets:

Finger puppets are a brilliant idea to help children be more creative. They are small, and it is perfect for children to create and develop their ideas and stories. Children can invent their plays, and as they are tiny, it is extremely easy to handle the puppets.

Finger Puppet

Make your puppets:

You can do your puppets at home and have a great time with your kids. Creating your puppets is a fun way to engage your children. You can use colourful paper bags and other things like glitter, beads, buttons etc. to create your puppet. Once you have finished, you can let your kids create a story and play with the puppets.

Have a puppet theatre:

Make a small theatre out of cardboard where your kids can showcase the story they have created. It is a lot more fun when kids get to showcase what they have prepared. It builds teamwork and also allows them to bring out new ideas and imagination.

Benefits of playing with puppets:

Children are more comfortable to speak to puppets, and thus they will be able to express their ideas and feelings. They will have the confidence to speak up and communicate easily. Even if your child happens to be shy, he/she will easily be able to interact with the roles of the puppet and be able to communicate with them. With a puppet in their hands, they will be able to take on new personalities and widen their imagination. You can use puppets to control the fears of your children and let them have confidence. Get a puppet for your child and see how creative they become as they play with it.