Puppet is a kind of a doll utilized as a part of puppetry, an extremely old form of theater. An entertainer that animates the puppet is called puppeteer. Puppetry is known since the Ancient Greece and there are composed documents that mention theater of puppets dating since fifth century BC. Exhumed clay dolls from Indus Valley locales show that puppetry was known in India since second century BC.

Numerous kinds of puppets exit and they vary in size, materials utilized for their built, form and means of animation. The hand puppet (or the glove puppet) is a puppet that is worn on the hand by the puppeteer who utilizes the hand to control the puppet’s mouth and head or at times of more complicated hand puppets which can move eyes and hands as well. A standout amongst the most well-known hand-puppets are The Punch and Judy. Over time and history there have been many forms and evolution of puppetry. Let’s look at them.

Marionette is a puppet with jointed limbs which are associated with strings to control bars which puppeteers use to control the puppet. Strings are associated with head, back, hands to control the arms and simply over the knees to control the legs.

The sock puppet is a simpler version of hand puppet. It comprises of a sock modeled into a shape and with included details which makes the puppet more like a coveted shape. Puppeteer uses hand which is put inside a sock to animate the puppet and influence it to move and “talk”. They are extremely popular in light of the fact that they are easy to make and simple to manipulate.

Toy theater is an extraordinary form of puppetry and puppets, where puppets are made of paper which is stuck unto a card. A stick is then stuck onto a puppet with which a puppet is controlled. Puppet is then pushed in from the side of the puppet theater which goes about as a scene on which the play goes on.

Shadow puppet is a two-dimensional puppet cut out from a flat material with numerous details and jointed limbs which are controlled with thin rods by a puppeteer behind a screen onto which a strong light is lit. It is an exceptionally old form of theater and it begins from Java and China.


Ventriloquism dummy is a puppet utilized by ventriloquist. Puppet’s mouth and head is controlled by one hand.

Finger puppet is a straightforward sort of puppet with no moving parts in a shape of a cylinder which is put on the finger.

Rod puppets have body, head and arms and are controlled with rods by a puppeteer who remains underneath them. Typically, one rod holds body and head while two other merges with the finishes of the arms and control every one of them.

Carnival or body puppet is a large puppet that is the size of the puppeteer or significantly larger. It can be worked with at least one puppeteers.