There are a lot of memorable puppet shows that have always been remembered by people. Irrespective of whether they exist today or not, the below-listed shows had left an indelible mark on the history of puppetry. Let’ get to know more about these puppet shows.

Shockheaded Peter

Shockheaded Peter:

Cygnet Theatre is the fast growing theatre company in San Diego. The theatre is best known for the Shockheaded Peter play.You can never see fairy tales as bizarre as they are played here. It becomes a fiendish mash up of morality play and the macabre.  The theatre aims to produce both entertaining and thought-provoking plays, and it happens all round the year.

Shakes versus Shaw:

Shakes versus Shaw is 1949 play written by Bernard Shaw himself. This play is a memorable part of the history because it was Shaw’s last completed dramatic work. The whole play is a comic argument between the iconic personalities of the history, Shakespeare, and Bernard Shaw. For those of you who do not know history, Shaw was born approximately 250 years after the death of Shakespeare. So the best part of the play is that it is fictitious. It was later staged as a puppet show and was widely appreciated as a classical piece in the history of art and literature.


Punch puppet show represents the domestic abuse that a woman went through. Th basic idea is the same in every play that was staged, but the plot might not be the same. This renowned puppet play also forms a part of the letter written by Charles Dickens to Mary Tyler sometime around 1847 – 1849. Which evidently shows that this is one of the oldest puppets shows that hasn’t gone off people’s memory for generations.

The Night Flyer:

The fight of a brother to save his abducted sister forms the core part of the story. The boy on his bicycle moves along with the speed of the train. The images are drawn in black and white, probably to instill the feeling of melancholy. The play keeps the audience at the edge of the seats hoping the boy gets the train and wins over the baddies. It is a case of hand-drawn puppets magically brought to life. As the paper figures move speechlessly along the live music, the viewers are down to tears. It one of the best puppet shows ever.

We reserved the best for the last. This is one of the best, and the coolest puppet shows ever.

Royal de Luxe:

The idea behind this show is to get straight to people instead of dragging them into a room. The shows were played on the streets. Every year the performance increased and the people were let free to watch it anywhere. The event happens till date successfully. They choose to work on concepts that reflect the importance of culture, objects from modern day life and a taste for the unorthodox. The puppets that move around the streets are sometimes more than 40 feet. More than a dozen of professionals are required to get the puppet to work. These puppets move just like a fully grown human. It is considered to an iconic and almost mythical street theatre company.