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Fear the Puppet: Uncanny Valley Theory

Have you ever wondered why so many horror movies have some sort of puppet appearing? Well, there is a reasonable, if not spine-tingling reason as to why they are used. We are going to be exploring a theory put ...


History of Puppets

Puppet is a kind of a doll utilized as a part of puppetry, an extremely old form of theater. An entertainer that animates the puppet is called puppeteer. Puppetry is known since the Ancient Greece and there are...


The Puppets That Stole the Show and Made It On TV

Although the entire concept of puppet shows might seem a little big old school or outdated, there are still many people that try and keep puppet shows alive. Having a special place in the heart of television hi...

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Teaching life lessons to your children using puppets.

Children get very excited when they see puppets. They get so thrilled and listen to every work the puppets say. Children love puppets for various reasons. Small babies develop their visual systems, toddlers dev...

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Famous Puppets and Puppeteers

Puppetry is a niche art form that involves the manipulation of various inanimate objects that become representations of characters, mythical creatures, animals and so and and are thus used to narrate a story cr...

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Top 5 Places To See Puppets Around The World

All of us love puppets. Puppets shows have gained the love and interest of almost all the people in the world as that requires special expertise and skills to stage the show rightly. But puppet is quite an old ...

Puppet Horror Films

Top 5 Puppet Horror Films of all Time

Listed below are the top 5 puppet horror films of all time. These films can take the hell out of a person, and their very names can give you cold feet. Do you have your own list of the best horror films ever? T...

Different Puppet Shows

Different Puppet Shows From Around the World!

There are 23 different kinds of puppet shows that take place across the world. However, they are classified under eight broad heads which are more than enough to understand how the puppet shows differ. Let’s ...

Puppet TV Shows

The Best Puppet TV Shows Ever!

Sesame Street: Sesame Street is one of the long-time favorite puppet shows of young and old alike. It is one of those puppets shows that bridges the cultural and educational gaps with play-way methods. They ma...

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The Best Puppet Shows Ever!

There are a lot of memorable puppet shows that have always been remembered by people. Irrespective of whether they exist today or not, the below-listed shows had left an indelible mark on the history of puppetr...