Puppetry is one the most creative forms of art that everybody loves. There are two parties involved in puppetry, the puppet and the puppeteer. The role of the puppeteer is to handle the puppet in the show and at the same time make it look like the puppet is nothing less than a human. There are almost 23 different types of puppet shows, and ventriloquism is one among them. When voicing for the puppet, the artist has to make sure that the synchronization is taken care of. Synchronisation has to be perfect both in terms of voice and well as the body language.

Puppet Show

There are few basic things to know you get good at basic puppetry.

5 must-know tips to get good at puppetry:


The synchronization of your lips, voice and that of the puppet should closely coordinate. The understanding of the show and its concept arrives better only when there is perfect synchronization between the puppet and the puppeteer. The sync can be achieved by practicing and perfecting the lip movements and the corresponding voice of the artist.

Give life to the puppet:

It is important that you make people believe that somewhere the puppet has a life though, in reality, they know that it is just a lifeless thing. You can gain better control and involvement from the audience when the puppet gets a life.

Puppet and People:

Always remember this tip, keep the event as lively as possible, and make sure it has both wit and humor in it. The best way to achieve it is to have a steady eye-contact with the audience and sturdy posture. When your puppet has an eye-contact with the audience, it can keep them entertained without bursting the bubble. Also, take care of the puppet’s posture.

An independent puppet:

Do not carry your puppet to the point of performance inside a bag or treat it like a stuffed doll. The more you treat it as a human, the better your show works. So avoid the clumsy appearance and let your doll be independent. Let it walk alone, and when your fingers are its arms remember to access it with better elegance.

Believable Action:

The puppeteer is supposed to do actions the audience believes that a doll is capable of. It is not a place to prove your expertise. You are simply there to entertain, and it is enough if you do it flawlessly.