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Top 5 Puppet Horror Films of all Time

Puppet Horror Films

Listed below are the top 5 puppet horror films of all time. These films can take the hell out of a person, and their very names can give you cold feet. Do you have your own list of the best horror films ever? Then read this list and check if it matches!

Puppet Horror Films


Poltergeist features a scary clown doll that abducts the family’s younger daughter. The movie was released in the year 1982. Though there are a lot of films that have called themselves to be really scary all these years, Poltergeist, which released almost 30 years back, still holds a position for itself in the list of the most horror films ever.  It has been recognized as a cult classic as far as the horror genre is concerned.  There are two more films in the same franchise, Poltergeist II: The Other Side and Poltergeist III that released in the years 1986 and 1988 respectively. One of the movies was also remade in the year 2015. However, it didn’t have the impact that Poltergeist I has on people even today.

Dead Silence

Dead Silence is a supernatural psychological horror film that came in 2007. The story begins with a mysterious gift that arrives at the door step. The family opens the gift only to find a ventriloquist doll named Billy. The story is about how the lead crew in the film get over this mysterious doll or did they even get over? The movie was a hardcore horror flick that the very image of the doll Billy can scare people to death. Of course, you do not want to scream because the hoarding says, “You scream, you die.”


Annabelle is a supernatural horror film that was released in the year 2014. The movie was released as a prequel to the 2013’s best horror film ‘The Conjuring.’ The news of the movie ‘Annabelle’ created quite a stir in the hearts of the movie-lovers. After the release, the movie went on to surpass all expectations and became a success at the box office. Now the lovers of the conjuring series are celebrating the release of the 2014 movie’s prequel Annabelle: Creation which hit the screens in the year 2017.

The Child’s Play

The Child’s Play is an American supernatural slasher film that was released in the year 1988. The film grossed more than $44 Million and gained a cult status. The story is about the soul of a wanted fugitive that enters into a doll to avenge the detective who killed him. The doll is named Chucky and is bought by a woman for her six-year-old son, Andy. Andy is framed for the crimes of Chucky. So how the little boy escapes, forms the rest of the story.

Tourist trap

This supernatural horror film, Tourist Trap was released in the year 1979. It is a story of a young group of friends who get caught into a museum. Little did they know that the owner of the place had powers to control his collection of mannequins, they soon started facing supernatural events and realized that they are stuck in the museum for ever. The movie takes eerie twists and turns and finally gets a peaceful ending, when the villainous mannequin, Mr. Slausen is brought down to pieces. Though the film wasn’t a blockbuster when it released, later it gained a lot of positive reviews from both viewers and critics.

Different Puppet Shows From Around the World!

Different Puppet Shows

There are 23 different kinds of puppet shows that take place across the world. However, they are classified under eight broad heads which are more than enough to understand how the puppet shows differ. Let’s quickly see what the eight heads are and how they function.

Different Puppet Shows

Glove Puppet:

Glove puppet is also known as a hand puppet. In hand puppets, the figure or the doll doesn’t have a movable mouth. The three fingers of the puppeteer become the neck and the other two as its arms. This gives life to the puppet and doll starts enacting. This is how it works in the glove or the hand puppet show. The widely known hand puppets are The Shari Lewis Show and Hush Puppy.

Rod Puppet:

Here the puppet show figures are connected to a rod, while the rod is held by the puppeteer. The rod puppets usually function with the same expression because the rods are connected only to their arms. However, in some professional shows, experienced puppeteers handle multiple wires. These strings are attached to every part of the puppet so that the puppeteer can micro manage things. Widespread examples of the rod puppets are ‘The Muppets’ and ‘The Sesame Street.’

Shadow Puppet:

The puppets are made traditionally made out of animal hides. They are then painted and punched with decorative designs to suit the play. To create colors in the puppet’s projected shadow colored acetates are used by the puppeteers. A puppeteer moves the puppet in and out of the light, so its shadow grows and shrinks. The popular shadow puppet shows take place in the Wayang Thailand Puppet Theater.

Hand and Rod Puppet:

Jim Henson developed the hand and rod puppet show. The dominating hand of the puppeteer controls the head and the facial expressions, while the other hand operates the arms through the arm rod. Therefore this combines both the hand and the rod techniques and gets the name hand-rod puppet.


Marionette is also known as String Puppet. It is one of the toughest forms of puppetry. The marionettes hang on the strings and the puppeteer has to manipulate it effectively. As far as puppetry is concerned, your act goes flawless depending on how swift and how creative you are. A good performer learns how to use the gravity of the floor in his favor and pull strings accordingly.

Ventriloquist Figure:

This type of puppetry demands a lot of training and hard work. Not all can master the art of ventriloquism. You know there has to be a doll in this event, but you are not supposed to call it dummy. It is known as a vent figure, and the performer is called the ventriloquist. The concept is quite simple, the figure and the performer try to communicate with the audience. The performer speaks for him and the vent figure. The crux lies in finding how he communicates on behalf of the doll when his mouth is absolutely shut. Remember, it needs a lot of practice. Paul Winchell is the best of them all.

Stop-motion Puppet:

Stop motion is a technique where the object is capable of making movements, and the best part is that the puppet looks like it is moving all by itself without the help of an external hand or simply say a puppeteer. It is an ancient technique. However, it is loved and viewed by people even today. Artists prefer to be called as animators than puppeteers.

The Best Puppet TV Shows Ever!

Puppet TV Shows

Puppet TV Shows

Sesame Street:

Sesame Street is one of the long-time favorite puppet shows of young and old alike. It is one of those puppets shows that bridges the cultural and educational gaps with play-way methods. They make that learning is fun and cater to the educational needs of the children. When television was the medium of attraction, these type of TV shows kept children occupied in the best possible way, and Sesame Street played a very significant role. They have been in the field since 1969.

Lady Penelope:

Lady Penelope is believed to the pink blonde that brought grace to the British Television screens. It existed during the 1960’s and is the first puppet show to employ the puppetry technique ‘Supermarionation.’ The lady has been there in the dark for almost 30 years, and now she has come to light.In the year 2016, the Lady Penelope puppet items were sold for £19,000. It is also an honor to make a note that this Lady Penelope is a Thunderbirds’ puppet.

The Muppet Show:

Muppet Show is a family oriented comedy television series that was in existence from 1976 to 1981. The show was launched by Jim Henson, and his show comprises of his Muppets Kermit and Miss Piggy, who play the lead roles. There are also other characters and among them is Scooter, who is a close representation of a human puppet in the whole show.

Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons:

Popularly known as ‘Captain Scarlet’ it is a 1960’s science fiction television series in the soil of Britain. It was produced by the Century 21 Productions. Of course, the series is all about being a hero, and Captain Scarlet has super natural powers. He protects the earth from the Mysterons who are believed to have come from Mars. The characters are designed as Marionettes, and it is one among the first few shows to put the ‘Supermarionation’ technique in puppetry to use.

Between the Lions:

Between the Lions is an American television series, and it followed the puppetry style of the Sesame Street. It won several Daytime Emmy awards during the years 2001 – 2007. The idea behind this show was to promote the habit of reading among the children, and the target audience was children between the ages of 5-8 years. It was one of the recent shows that ensured that puppetry is not a thing of the past and that present generation came enjoy them as much as the kids of the 90’s. The show experienced almost 20 different puppeteers in a span of 10 years.

The Best Puppet Shows Ever!

Shockheaded Peter

There are a lot of memorable puppet shows that have always been remembered by people. Irrespective of whether they exist today or not, the below-listed shows had left an indelible mark on the history of puppetry. Let’ get to know more about these puppet shows.

Shockheaded Peter

Shockheaded Peter:

Cygnet Theatre is the fast growing theatre company in San Diego. The theatre is best known for the Shockheaded Peter play.You can never see fairy tales as bizarre as they are played here. It becomes a fiendish mash up of morality play and the macabre.  The theatre aims to produce both entertaining and thought-provoking plays, and it happens all round the year.

Shakes versus Shaw:

Shakes versus Shaw is 1949 play written by Bernard Shaw himself. This play is a memorable part of the history because it was Shaw’s last completed dramatic work. The whole play is a comic argument between the iconic personalities of the history, Shakespeare, and Bernard Shaw. For those of you who do not know history, Shaw was born approximately 250 years after the death of Shakespeare. So the best part of the play is that it is fictitious. It was later staged as a puppet show and was widely appreciated as a classical piece in the history of art and literature.


Punch puppet show represents the domestic abuse that a woman went through. Th basic idea is the same in every play that was staged, but the plot might not be the same. This renowned puppet play also forms a part of the letter written by Charles Dickens to Mary Tyler sometime around 1847 – 1849. Which evidently shows that this is one of the oldest puppets shows that hasn’t gone off people’s memory for generations.

The Night Flyer:

The fight of a brother to save his abducted sister forms the core part of the story. The boy on his bicycle moves along with the speed of the train. The images are drawn in black and white, probably to instill the feeling of melancholy. The play keeps the audience at the edge of the seats hoping the boy gets the train and wins over the baddies. It is a case of hand-drawn puppets magically brought to life. As the paper figures move speechlessly along the live music, the viewers are down to tears. It one of the best puppet shows ever.

We reserved the best for the last. This is one of the best, and the coolest puppet shows ever.

Royal de Luxe:

The idea behind this show is to get straight to people instead of dragging them into a room. The shows were played on the streets. Every year the performance increased and the people were let free to watch it anywhere. The event happens till date successfully. They choose to work on concepts that reflect the importance of culture, objects from modern day life and a taste for the unorthodox. The puppets that move around the streets are sometimes more than 40 feet. More than a dozen of professionals are required to get the puppet to work. These puppets move just like a fully grown human. It is considered to an iconic and almost mythical street theatre company.

Beginners Guide: Tips to Handle a Puppet Show!

Puppet Show

Puppetry is one the most creative forms of art that everybody loves. There are two parties involved in puppetry, the puppet and the puppeteer. The role of the puppeteer is to handle the puppet in the show and at the same time make it look like the puppet is nothing less than a human. There are almost 23 different types of puppet shows, and ventriloquism is one among them. When voicing for the puppet, the artist has to make sure that the synchronization is taken care of. Synchronisation has to be perfect both in terms of voice and well as the body language.

Puppet Show

There are few basic things to know you get good at basic puppetry.

5 must-know tips to get good at puppetry:


The synchronization of your lips, voice and that of the puppet should closely coordinate. The understanding of the show and its concept arrives better only when there is perfect synchronization between the puppet and the puppeteer. The sync can be achieved by practicing and perfecting the lip movements and the corresponding voice of the artist.

Give life to the puppet:

It is important that you make people believe that somewhere the puppet has a life though, in reality, they know that it is just a lifeless thing. You can gain better control and involvement from the audience when the puppet gets a life.

Puppet and People:

Always remember this tip, keep the event as lively as possible, and make sure it has both wit and humor in it. The best way to achieve it is to have a steady eye-contact with the audience and sturdy posture. When your puppet has an eye-contact with the audience, it can keep them entertained without bursting the bubble. Also, take care of the puppet’s posture.

An independent puppet:

Do not carry your puppet to the point of performance inside a bag or treat it like a stuffed doll. The more you treat it as a human, the better your show works. So avoid the clumsy appearance and let your doll be independent. Let it walk alone, and when your fingers are its arms remember to access it with better elegance.

Believable Action:

The puppeteer is supposed to do actions the audience believes that a doll is capable of. It is not a place to prove your expertise. You are simply there to entertain, and it is enough if you do it flawlessly.